Tropical Atrium

Many surprises await those who visit our gift shop for the first time. And one of the biggest surprises is our terrific tropical atrium, Many first time visitors quickly become regular visitors. Like the gift shop itself, the atrium is open year round and the exceptional selection includes many kinds of traditional tropicals as well as an amazing array of far more unique varieties.


Our customers include those who know little about tropical plants but are enthusiastic about learning more, those who have purchased and nurtured tropicals for years and are highly knowledgeable, and those who occupy the middle range - neither novice nor expert. Some guests arrive with a big smile, announcing they have come for their " green fix ". We understand perfectly - such lush greenery and exotic beauty is a cheerful, welcome sight - especially in the coldest months - when the days are short and cold, night comes early and there is not even a hint of green to be seen outside.


We have many popular tropicals, but our most requested ones are usually jasmine, gardenias, venus fly traps and citrus - both lemon and orange.

Our other very popular tropicals include cat palms, boston ferns, dracena marginata, ficus benjamina, violets, hibiscus, cactus, succulents (especially jade and aloe) , snake plants, bromeliads, schefflera, air plants, peace lily and of course -orchids - especially phalaenopsis.

HANGING BASKET TROPICALS - Some of our tropicals can flourish and live a healthy and happy life when planted inside hanging baskets. These include: lipstick, goldfish, spider, ivy ( particularly English ivy) arrowhead vine, philodendron, wandering jew, iglesias, pothos, clerodendrum, fittonia (nerve plant) and hoya.


We also feature a large collection of rather uncommon tropicals. We may have the one you're looking for in stock. And if not, we may be able to arrange to obtain it for you. So let us know your special requests.

Orchids are a special favourite at Ellerslie. See and read about our selection of orchids.


Our tropical atrium normally carries an abundant supply of

  • bonsai tools and pots as well as bonsai shears and cutters
  • orchid pots and stakes as well as soil enrichment products for orchids
  • moisture meters and watering bulbs
  • watering jugs and cans
  • wire hanging baskets
  • soils, fertilizers and pesticides
  • diatomaceous earth - which many customers want for non-tropical and non-gardening reasons. The increasing demand for this product is primarily due to the problem of cereal bugs and bed bugs, encountered by an increasing number of home owners in recent years.


Raising healthy tropicals that thrive and flourish is a bit like raising a healthy and happy puppy. It's not just how much you care - it's also how much you know! Although there are some rare exceptions, special plants often require special knowledge and special care. The staff in our tropical atrium all have one thing in common - they share an enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable interest in tropical plants. And they want you to enjoy tropicals as much as they do. So they encourage you to ask all kinds of questions about the plants and other products and discover the very best ways to nurture the nature of your tropical treasures. Our atrium staff are happy to share helpful advice and information, and they truly look forward to assisting you.