About Us

about us

Ellerslie Gift & Garden is not a box store or a franchise. We are a one of a kind, independent, family-owned business known as one of Edmonton’s most delightful destinations. We began as the dream of Ruth and Don Younie, who first opened our doors in 1990. Armed with a twinkle in their eyes, beaming smiles and a sincere interest in people, that initial passion and proud tradition has resonated through the Garden Centre for over 25 years. As the years passed Ruth felt the desire to see Ellerslie endure and continue to grow, and so she made the decision to entrust the business to new hands, beginning a new chapter in the summer of 2012 with Classic Landscapes.

After many years of friendship, and operating as neighbours, the timing was right and seemed meant to be when only a short time later Ruth passed away unexpectedly. Ruth’s joy of nature lives on throughout the greenhouses, displays, and with all of our enthusiastic, knowledgeable staff. As a key member of the Classic Family we are excited to share all of our treasures with you. Along with the Classic Landscape Centre, Tree Farm, Advantage Vinyl Fencing, and Canadian Tree Care, we enjoy delivering a truly unparalleled level of expertise while providing an assortment of unique plants and decor in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Since our inception we have continued to build and grow, beautifully framed in against the backdrop of the Blackmud Creek Ravine, easily accessed from Calgary Trial with acres of free parking.