Growing Supplies

Tools & Accessories

Tools galore! For all of your gardening needs and more! Garden tools to enhance your green thumb…Accessories, ornate and decorative hooks for hanging those tools or little coats at the back door and signs, are just some of the accessories found in this area of the store.

Chemicals & Fertilizer


We carry an assortment of fertilizers that can naturally address your plant and soil needs, for indoor or outdoor plants. Organic fertilizers are naturally sourced and minimally processed so that they work harmoniously while offering the much-overlooked micro-nutrients. Organics are usually children safe and pet friendly, as long as you are using according to the directions.


We have an assortment of indoor or outdoor brand-name, macro-nutrient, fertilizers in various combinations of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium ratios. We also have slow-release and ph adjusting, as well as, a variety of soil amendments to help keep your plants happy and healthy.



Good soil is the essence of a healthy indoor plant. Soil that is full of nutrients and drains properly gives plants the best possible growing medium.

We stock a wide selection of potting mix for growing plants: tropical mix; cactus & succulent soil; African Violet soil; medium for seeds and cuttings; orchid media.

Garden Tools

Novice to expert, we provide you with hand tools to enhance and improve the health of plants, trees and shrubs. Aprons and baskets to hold your choice of trowels, weeders, cultivators and transplanters. Pruners, snips for soft stem pruning, bypass pruners designed to prune vines, shrubs, trees and loppers are pruning shears that have longer handles which allow you to cut larger branches. Some are telescopic and ratcheting allowing more leverage. Interested in Bonsai? We have tools for Bonsai care too!

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