Indoor Tropical Plants

Our tropicals department is another year round delightful surprise that you won’t want to miss! We stock our little tropical oasis with tropicals, carnivorous, citrus (when in season), cacti, succulents, seasonal flowers, orchids, air plants and bonsai.

Once again our qualified and creative staff can transform your living space, office or event into a living beauty of foliage and flowers. If you require something that thrives on neglect, something fragrant, or something distinctive and stunning, we have it.

Succulents & Terrariums


Terrariums are glass containers that can be opened for maintenance and to access the plants inside. Terrariums can be classified into two different types; open or closed.

Moisture from both the soil and plants evaporates in the elevated temperatures inside the terrarium. Water vapour then condenses on the walls of the container, and eventually falls back to the plants and soil below. This contributes to creating an ideal environment for growing plants due to the constant supply of water, thereby preventing the plants from becoming over dry. In addition to this, the light that passes through the transparent material of the terrarium, allows for the plants within to photosynthesize, an important aspect of plant growth.

Fairy Gardens

Fairy Gardens Living in an enchanted garden, forest friends and fairies find their ways in to your heart. Magical fairy gardens come to life with the touch of your hand. Our tropical greenhouse has a variety of “miniature” plants giving the illusion of another land. We carry tiny characters, accessories, rocks, mosses and sand to complete the environment. Fairy gardens make a wonderful project for children, and delight the imagination and child within you!

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