Garden Essentials

Soil, Fertilizers & Amendments


Good soil is the essence of a healthy indoor plant. Soil that is full of nutrients and drains properly gives plants the best possible growing medium.

We stock a wide selection of potting mix for growing plants: tropical mix; cactus & succulent soil; African Violet soil; medium for seeds and cuttings; orchid media.


We have an excellent selection of soils for your garden, flower beds and landscaping. Our qualified experts will help you choose the right soil for your needs as all soils are not created equal. Balancing Nitrogen, Phosphorus and potassium levels (illustrated on our soil bags) will aid in the overall health of your plants.

  • GroundsKeeper’s Pride®
  • Ecco Chips
Mulches & Straw

Important to use as ground cover, but also effective for weed control and moisture retention. Barley straw is organic and breaks down quickly. Mulches, like Ecco Mulch, re-cycles untreated wood and the color is natural occurring vegetable or mineral based, safe for people an pets. Coconut coir is a wonderful sustainable alternative to peat moss, although we do carry peat moss. It is 100% natural, has superior water holding capabilities, and is a renewable resource. Red Cedar mulch is one of our favorites that add color.

Rocks & Sand

Our rock and sand is bagged and sterilized to prevent unwanted weeds and pests. Therefore, our sand is perfect to use in sand boxes! Our yard has a small selection of decorative landscape rock.


Naturally composted and weed free, manure adds organic matter to soil which benefits the overall health of garden plants, lawns, trees and shrubs. Our manure is bagged and sterilized. Nurseryland Steer Manure 1,1,1 and Westland steer manure 0.5, 0.5, 0.5 upgrade gardens and flower beds. We also have Green Harvest sheep manure.


Improves clay soil, helps sandy soil retain moisture and increase plants ability to withstand drought by releasing nutrients to help plants grow healthy and strong. Original/ Container Sea Soil is a renewable resource that contains fish elements for gardens, flower beds, landscaping, deck containers that is composted, with no odour! Greenskeepers Organic Compost 0.29, 0.11, 0.16 can be used for gardens, flower beds and to top dress lawns. A clay compost is organic and contains zeolite which breaks up clay.

Chemical & Fertilizer


We carry an assortment of fertilizers that can naturally address your plant and soil needs, for indoor or outdoor plants. Organic fertilizers are naturally sourced and minimally processed so that they work harmoniously while offering the much-overlooked micro-nutrients. Organics are usually children safe and pet friendly, as long as you are using according to the directions.


We have an assortment of indoor or outdoor brand-name, macro-nutrient, fertilizers in various combinations of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium ratios. We also have slow-release and ph adjusting, as well as, a variety of soil amendments to help keep your plants happy and healthy.

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